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Best Practices

Best Practices

The following suggestions are best practices for deploying and managing a subscription contract.

Set Pending Owner

Setting the pending owner to a backup account or multi-sig can allow recovery of the contract in the event that the owner key is lost. This is a common practice for contracts that hold funds.

Set the Transfer recipient

Setting the transfer recipient to the owner account, or another owned account, allows permissionless and automated transfers.

Leverage Referrals

Referrers earn a percentage of the subscription fee for each subscriber they refer. This can be a great way to leverage your audience to bootstrap your subscription. You can add/remove referral codes at any time.

Enable Rewards

Rewards are a great way to incentivize your subscribers to stay subscribed. You can set a reward when deploying. Rewards are redeemable for the denominated token after each withdraw.

Give Trial Subscriptions

Leverage grants to give trial subscriptions to your fans/customers.