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Reading State

Reading Collection State

There are many view functions for collection and subscribers. The SDK leverages multicall to make several calls in a single request. See the contract reference section for details about each view function.

Collection State

The collection state object contains all relevent contract level state.

import {
} from '@withfabric/protocol-sdks/stpv1';
const state: CollectionState = await fetchCollectionState({
  contractAddress: '0x...',
// Typedef for reference
type CollectionState = {
  /** The address of the NFT */
  address: `0x${string}`;
  /** Can accounts contribute */
  isPaused: boolean;
  /** The name of the NFT */
  name: string;
  /** The symbol of the NFT */
  symbol: string;
  /** The contract metadata URI */
  contractURI: string;
  /** The token metadata URI */
  tokenUri: string;
  /** The number of tokens (wei) which buys one second of time */
  tokensPerSecond: bigint;
  /** Minimum purchase in seconds */
  minimumPurchaseSeconds: bigint;
  /** Owner address */
  ownerAddress: `0x${string}`;
  /** The address of the ERC-20 token used for the campaign */
  erc20Address: `0x${string}`;
  /** The fee in basis points to charge for transfers */
  feeBips: number;
  /** The address of the fee collector */
  feeCollectorAddress: `0x${string}`;
  /** The balance of the creator */
  creatorBalance: bigint;
  /** The supply cap */
  supplyCap: bigint;
  /** The number of tokens minted */
  totalSupply: bigint;
  /** The transfer recipient */
  transferRecipient: `0x${string}`;
  /** The total reward points */
  totalRewardPoints: bigint;
  /** The reward basis points */
  rewardBps: number;
  /** The reward multiplier */
  rewardMultiplier: bigint;

Subscriber State

Subscriber state contains all relevent state for a given account.

import {
} from '@withfabric/protocol-sdks/stpv1';
const state: SubscriberState = await fetchSubscriberState({
  contractAddress: '0x...',
  account: '0x...',
// Typedef for reference
type SubscriberState = {
  /** The address of the account */
  address: `0x${string}`;
  /** The token id (0 means no subscription) */
  tokenId: bigint;
  /** The amount of seconds the account can refund */
  refundableSeconds: bigint;
  /** The amount of seconds the account has purchased */
  secondsPurchased: bigint;
  /** The amount of tokens the account can withdraw from rewards */
  rewardBalance: bigint;
  /** The amount of reward points the account has */
  rewardPoints: bigint;
  /** Expires at */
  expiresAt: Date;

Combined State (Context)

Context contains all relevent state for a given account, collection, and account holdings relevant to the denominated collection token.

import {
} from '@withfabric/protocol-sdks/stpv1';
const state: SubscriberState = await fetchContext({
  contractAddress: '0x...',
  account: '0x...',
// Typedef for reference
type FullState = {
  /** The state of the campaign */
  collection: CollectionState;
  /** The state of the connected account */
  subscriber: SubscriberState;
  /** The holdings of the connected account */
  holdings: ApprovedTokens;