The Hypersub Dashboard is a creator's home for understanding and taking actions for their audience and cashflow.


The subscriber page begins with basic information about the contract: number of subscribers, monthly recurring revenue, churn, retention, lapsed subscribers, and renewal data. This data can be filtered on various time ranges.

You can view lists of active, churned, and lapsed subscribers, as well information regarding an individual subscriber's:

  • Email
  • Farcaster username
  • Wallet address
  • LTV
  • Time remaining on their contract
  • Date subscribed

We've also included Import and Export functions:

Import allows you to grant tokens to new or existing subscribers. You can learn more about this on our Grants section.

Export allows you to export a CSV file of all subscribers, or a filtered list according to their activity and time subscribed.


The Referrals tab allows you to create new referral links with various referral reward rates.

You can also view data on existing referral links, including lists of subscribers and their referral rewards.


Grants are subscription tokens that a creator gifts to new or existing subscribers.

To create a grant, simply head to the Grants tab on your dashboard, enter the wallet addresses of the desired grantees, and enter the amount of time you wish to grant with each.

Granted time is measured in seconds and is tracked separately from purchased time. The expiration date of a subscription is the max of remaining purchased time and remaining grant time.

Granting will mint a new NFT if the beneficiary doesn't currently have a subscription. If they do, the time extends their subscription.


Creators can issue refunds to one or more subscribers. Upon refunding a subscriber, the remaining purchased time is revoked, and the token value of that time is returned to the subscriber. Additionally, any granted time is revoked. The token itself it not burned, and can be used to purchase a subscription again.

You can issue a refund by heading to the Refund tab on your dashboard and entering the wallet address of the subscriber you wish to refund.

The source of funds for the refund is the contract's balance. If the contract balance is insufficient, the refund call can be invoked with a value to top up the contract balance. Given that time amounts change in every block, the amount transferred in at time of refund may exceed the amount required. Any excess funds are added to the contract for future withdraws.


The Settings tab is a catch-all for other contract details that can be changed. These include:

  • Contract Status (i.e. can tokens currently be minted?)
  • Supply Cap (i.e. how many tokens can be minted?)
  • Visibility (i.e. is the Hypersub publicly visible?)
  • Owner (i.e. what address is the owner of the contract?)
  • Revenue Recipient (i.e. what address will receive withdrawn funds?)


How do I withdraw funds?

The contract owner can withdraw funds by pressing "Transfer" on the Subscribers tab of the dashboard.